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We are your bow in the Digital Realm.

We empower Spiritual and Self-Development Coaches & Businesses to break geographical boundaries and flourish in the digital realm. Expand your reach, touch more lives, and elevate your coaching business without the tech overwhelm.

Don’t let borders limit your impact. It’s time to expand your reach, touch more lives, and elevate your coaching business.


At Bizthetic, we resonate with the vision of an abundant world. We believe that every coach, passionate about personal or spiritual growth and self-development, deserves a platform that mirrors their essence and message.

Our mission is to make your digital journey graceful and impactful.

Maybe That’s what you need, and it will be an honour to find out.

What we offer



If you’re seeking a partner who understands the self-development niche and can help navigate the online world with grace and precision, Bizthetic is here for you.

Pure Precision. Pure Passion

  • Ads: Crafted campaigns that resonate, ensuring every dollar spent is an investment in reaching souls that resonate with personal growth.
  • Web Development: A digital sanctuary that captivates and convert to those on a journey of self-discovery & wellness searching.
  • Social Media Management: Consistent, authentic, and aligned posts that reflect the practices and beliefs of your voice. We specialized in media content for Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest

clients that trust us:


Meet the founders

Our founders believe in an abundant world where spirituality and strategy coexist.
Their combined expertise, dedication and passion for the personal and spiritual growth are the backbone of our mission.
Get to know the minds behind the magic and let’s make your vision a reality.


With an extensive experience in product development, corporate innovation, and start-ups, he brings to the equation his vast experience in business strategy, innovation, and commercial vision.


With a degree in Visual Arts and a career in content creation with over 7 years of experience, contributes her focus on Digital Marketing with the keen sense of aesthetics that characterizes her.


Free 20-Minute Strategy Session

At the close of this session, you’ll gain clarity on the actionable steps to amplify your spiritual coaching business online, leveraging both Funnels & Digital Advertising.

Secure a slot in our calendar and embark on a transformative digital journey with us. THIS STRATEGY SESSION IS IDEAL FOR:

  • Coaches and businesses eager to transform their existing website into a potent and streamlined digital platform.
  • Visionaries ready to expand their offline teachings to a global online audience.
  • Self-development guides aiming to unlock the vast potential of revenue growth through funnels and optimization.
  • Those committed to maximize their online conversion rates and overall client engagement.
  • Coaches and businesses in search of a dedicated agency who prioritizes their mission and vision.

Digital Strategies for the Modern-Day holistic & wellness businesses

  • Establishing a commanding online presence.
  • Connecting with a global audience.
  • Ensuring your teachings resonate with your ideal audience in the digital realm.
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